Contribution of MIS report for decision making

 Organizations make decisions regarding operational improvements or select
new business opportunities for maximizing the organization’s profit.
 Organizations develop a decision-making process based on individual’s
responsibility for making decisions and the scope of the organization’s
business operations.
 Management information system is a useful tool for making business
 MIS is a process used to gather information and funnel it to individuals
responsible for making decisions.
 MIS is an organization – wide effort to provide decision making process
information. The system is a formal commitment by executive to make the
computer available to all managers.
 The main idea behind MIS is to keep a continuous supply of information to
the management. Afterwards, by data and information gathered from MIS,
decisions are made.
 MIS is useful in the area of decision making as it can monitor by itself
disturbances in a system, determine a course of action and take action to
get the system in control.
 MIS provides information in decision making. It is also needed for decision
making on the issues affecting the human and material resources of the
 MIS may be viewed as a transformation of data, which are used as
information in decision-making processes.